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berlin [English CryptoParty ]

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English CryptoParty

Party like it's December 31st, 1983

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CryptoParty in Berlin

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English speaking people are always welcome at the Berlin CryptoParties and the language barrier is very low. Most of the talks and explanations can be held in English. If dates or places are illegible, please let us know: cryptoparty@enteig.net.

Next Dates

Upcoming events are listed on cryptoparty.in/berlin.


CryptoParty is a number of decentralized and self organized events. At the moment we offer the following events on a regular basis. As a matter of principle we never charge an entrance fee.
Most of the topics and talks can be held in English.
Please ask on the mailing list about special topics. You really should not be worried about the language at all.

reccurent events

Freq Time Typ Bezirk Location Adress Annotations
1st Wed. 19–23 CryptoParty Wedding Pierogarnia Turiner Str. 21 with Polnish Pierogi
1st Fr. 19–23 CryptoParty Prenzlauer Berg Werkstatt Mülhauser Str. 6 not easily accessible
2nd Wed. 20–23 CryptoParty Kreuzberg West Germany Skalitzer Straße 133, 2. OG not easily accessible
3rd Fr. 20–24 CryptoParty Mitte c-base Rungestr. 20 not smoke free
last or second to last Wed.19–23 CryptoParty Neukölln Spektrum Bürknerstraße 12 seperate smokearea
4th Tue. (2 monthly) 19–23 CryptoParty Friedrichshain K19 Kreutzigerstr. 19 smoke free, easily accessible

Upcoming events are listed on cryptoparty.in/berlin


Social Media


A group of people is involved in CryptoParty and most of our communication is done through mailing lists. Anyone interested can subscribe to them.

List Subscription Link Description
berlin-dates@cryptoparty.is link to announce next CryptoParty dates
berlin-discuss@cryptoparty.is link organization, ideas, discussions regarding CryptoParty

The subscriber list of berlin-dates is visible to administrators only. The archive is public.
The subscriber list and archive of berlin-discuss are public

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